Friday, July 7, 2017

(31) Just a Wee little Pee

I am a few days into my 35th week of gestation.  I have a doctor appointment with Dr. Robertson today because again, Dr. Winkler is off saving the world elsewhere.  I am a little worried he won’t be able to deliver these boys.  I know it isn’t a big deal to most but for some reason I just think this is what will make the story of their birth that much better.  Holly plans on telling them everything, when they are old enough to understand anyways.  I officially have booked the OR for their permanent Birthday!  Bright and early on November 28th 2014, 7:30am sharp.  1 day after Thanksgiving!  I have to be there 2 hours before (sigh) and I can’t eat or drink after midnight.  I can go without the food, but no water, that is impossible!

Anyway, I’m off to my Tuesday appointment.  Tom is accompanying me because I’m to the point that driving myself just isn’t safe.  My huge belly just doesn’t fit behind the steering wheel anymore.  The office is on the third floor and the elevators are down around the corner from the office.  I finally get to the office, and I am huffing and puffing.  Now, come on!  I’m carrying an extra 50 pounds with me so I think a little huffing and puffing is warranted.  But Dr. Robertson is alarmed by this as she walks by me heading toward the bathroom.  I reassure her it is just a little exhaustion from walking from the car to the office.  She feels a little better after I give her some pee and it’s normal.  They take my BP and it’s a little elevated as it has been this entire time (white coat syndrome).  She decides she wants me to do the 24 hour urine time and volume test.  Let me tell you, this does NOT sound fun!  I have to catch my urine, every time I go.  And guess what, in a top hat, which I just recently learned about, imagine that.  I tell her my next appointment is Friday and ask if I can hold off until Thursday to start the test.  She reluctantly says okay, which I am relieved.  I definitely understand her concern but I feel great other than my 2 ton belly in front of me.

My Doctor appointment on Friday is at 11am so I start my 24 hour urine catch around 9am Thursday 
morning.  I didn’t want the pee sitting around for too long, that is just gross.  Bad enough it will be sitting around at all.  I get into a rhythm, hahaha.  Luckily we have a half bathroom so that is where I do all the important stuff, wink wink!  Except at night, cuz well I pee a lot at night and I’m certainly not trudging up and down the stairs every time.  It is bad enough I almost don’t make to the on-suite in the wee (wink, wink) hours, lol.  I couldn’t imagine running downstairs to the ½ bath.  So Friday morning rolls around and it’s only about 5:30am and guess what?  IT’S FULL!!!  I have no more room to add my pee.  So of course I panic a little thinking this might be a bad sign.  Of course I start Googling!  This is a bad habit, I don’t recommend.   I can’t really find anything about my subject so I relax a little, whew.  I have always made sure my water intake is above average because I read (Google, obviously) that if a pregnant woman doesn’t drink enough water it might affect the amniotic fluid levels.  Well there was no way I was going to jeopardize that so I drink, drink, drink, lots of water!!  

The pee tank


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