Thursday, April 27, 2017

(28) Lactation for two!

Holly set up an appointment with a lactation specialist.  We both spoke to her, but the appointment was mostly for Holly, since her plan was to induce lactation.  This is something not commonly done, so Holly wanted to acquire as much knowledge as possible.  Holly had done some research of her own, but she learned some new things, including information about various herbs that increase milk production.  Wait, why am I trying to recap when Holly has already done the work for me?  Here is a link to Holly’s blog where she goes over the protocol to induce lactation.  - Oh Baby, Baby

As for me, I was planning on pumping after the birth, and giving the boys all I could.  I mean, why not?  I’ll be getting milk anyway, and I want to help give the best possible start to the twins.  Thinking back, with both of my own children, I had so much milk I wasn’t sure what to do.  I was so engorged that I felt like a milking cow!  Hopefully that will be the case here.  Wait, did I really just say I want to be engorged with milk?  I must be crazy!   

This Monday I start my first week of the “Fetal non-stress test”.  I’ll be 32 weeks 2 days.  Remember, when you have a high risk pregnancy, every day counts - especially when carrying multiples.  The first visit is just a really elaborate ultrasound.  My technician checked all of their organs.  This included the bladder.  It was pretty cool to see it full one minute, and empty a few minutes later.  We even witnessed it emptying during one of the ultrasound passes.  My technician observed that both boys had a little hair on their heads.  It’s pretty incredible that you can see this on an ultrasound!  Of course, she does this all of the time, so she knows what to look for.  All I could see were little glowing things on top of their heads.  At first it seemed to me that Beckom had a little more hair than Noah, but this is just an ultrasound, so who knows.  If these boys are born with hair, their dad will be super happy and hopeful for their future…

Three days later, I’m back in the office for a second test.  This time, they hook up belts to monitor the boys’ heart rates for 30 minutes.  While I lie there calmly, they should have calm heart rates as well – and they do!  It’s a little weird to hear sounds any time they move, especially when they bump up against the belt.  I have a feeling they don’t like having something pressing down on them.  I also have a belt to check for contractions.  I think I have a few minor ones, but this is normal at this stage, and I don’t even feel them.  Afterwards, I see Dr. Winkler.  He’s finally back from vacation!  He says the twins are superstars.  Ha, I already knew that!  They look great from the ultrasound videos and the heart rate monitors.  He praises me for being a great carrier.  I get a little emotional because well, I’m pregnant!

October - 32 weeks

Baby A - Baby B - Contraction monitor