Tuesday, December 20, 2016

(25) What’s in a name?

At 28 weeks, everything seems to be stable.  Even though I’ve got more on my daily “to do list” than anticipated, all is well in the womb.  The doctors are not as concerned with my short cervix anymore, whew!  It’s been stable for the last 4 weeks, so my pessary must be doing its job.  I get to see Dr. Merrill at this week’s visit, and he tells me it’s very important that I get a Flu shot.  Ugh, really?  (insert whiny voice here).  I’ve never had the Flu (or a Flu shot) before.  And I’m concerned about any possible side-effects on my passengers.  But Dr. Merrill tells me that getting the flu while pregnant can be dangerous to all of us, so being the good little patient that I am, I listen to the doctor and agree to get the dreaded shot.  When the nurse arrives, I ask “Can you give it to me in my butt? It’s still numb from all my other shots!”   She says: “I don’t care.  Wherever you want it is okay with me.”   So add this to my list of future “payback”chores for these boys.  Oh yes, Holly is keeping tabs on how many car washes I’ll need, foot rubs, etc…

Later that week, Tom and I met Holly and Darren at Panera for dinner.  We all sat down to eat our yummy food, mine low carb of course.  At the end, Holly passes me a little gift bag with a card.  I open the card to read it, and I at first was a little confused.  It mentioned something about the baby names.  You see, after the Multnomah Falls family reveal, we learned Holly and Darren’s name choices for the boys.  Baby A would be named Noah Jude.   Baby B would be named Jace Beckom.  Baby B’s middle name is a combination of my name (BECKy) and Tom’s name (tOM).  But the card I am reading now says that Baby B’s name will be Beckom Samuel.  So what happened?  It turns out that Holly, Darren, and their families liked the name Beckom so much that they decided to make it his first name!  We were stunned, but in a good way.  It is such an honor to have one of the babies named after me and Tom.  Now this “project” seems more special than ever, if that is even possible.

Beckom Samuel <B
August 20th - 28 weeks

    Kaela painted a picture for Holly to hang in the boys bedroom.  It was of a book Holly holds dear to her heart.