Tuesday, June 13, 2017

(30) Leaky bladder and Top Hats

I knew this would be challenging.  I told myself I could handle it.  I convinced myself everything would work out.  Everything would be fine.  But at 34 weeks and some change, I’m not sure how much longer my body can do this.

Be positive.  Be positive.  Be positive.  Repeating this used to help.  But I’m so tired.  Everything seems so difficult now.  Sleeping is almost impossible, and not just because I’m feeling huge, but also because I’m a little paranoid.  The doctors say not to sleep on my back, not to sleep on my stomach (like that would even be possible right now!), and not to sleep on one side for too long – or I might block the blood supply to one or both of the babies.  I wake up constantly, subconsciously knowing I need to “flip over”.  If you’ve read my prior blogs, you know I’m a rule follower.  And when it comes to my precious passengers, I will not risk their safety.  For now, it’s miserable, but I know it’s worth it.  This is all temporary.  I can catch up on my sleep after my extreme babysitting is over, which I think is going to be soon.  Sleep is not the only problem.  With about 40 extra pounds surrounding my bladder, I have an almost constant urge to pee, day and night.  At night, I try to align my potty breaks with my “flip” times, but the synchronization is never perfect.  So I’ve even started to wear a pad.  Yes, a menstrual pad.  Sometimes I just can’t make it before, yep, a little leakage (Insert sad face here!).  Believe me, it’s better than changing my undies every time.  Even that is a challenge now too.

Several weeks ago Holly and Darren arranged for a maid service come every other week.  At first I didn’t feel it was necessary, but it sure has been nice, especially lately.  But I think she has it pretty easy.  Her biggest challenge is wrangling a few dust bunnies which have accumulated in areas we don’t use very often.   But I appreciate it.  Pregnant or not, dusting is a sucky job!  I’ve never had a maid service before, so I’m not really accustomed to this lifestyle change, and I don’t know the “protocol”.  It might sound crazy, but I’m not going to have her come to clean a dirty house, right?   Anyway, I always tidy up a little before she comes.  If she scrubs the toilets, vacuums and dusts, I’m  happy camper.  I just try to stay out of the way.  Plus, my husband says I’m not crazy, and I choose to believe him.

I still have my 2x a week doctor visits, which now include blood draws.  They monitor for preeclampsia when you approach the end of the pregnancy.  Preeclampsia is a combination of two things:  Gestational-induced high blood pressure (hypertension) and a protein in the urine (proteinuria).  If they don’t catch it and treat it properly, then it can be harmful for the woman and the baby.  So far I don’t have the protein in my urine, because they check that at every visit.  Now don’t get me wrong, I really do love all of the people in the office, but I had to shake my head in frustration during my latest visit.  I commented how difficult it’s been peeing in the cup lately.  Without missing a beat, the front desk girl said “Oh, we have a top hat you can use”.  When I gave her my “what the hell is that?” expression, she explained “It’s a plastic pan that goes in the toilet to catch your pee.  Then you just transfer it to the cup”.  Inside, I’m fuming a little, and thinking “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!”  I have been peeing on my hand for a month now.  Sigh.  I’m sure I’ll laugh about this later.  Be positive…

November 1st - 34 Weeks

Yikes, my tattoos!